Jessie McAlan Mysteries

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Jessie McAlan started on her mystery-writing path as many authors did – she read Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and the Ken Holt stories in her childhood.  Summers as a camp counselor in her teen years, and vacations along the Mississippi River as an adult fused with her love of nature – and she knew she had to write about them.    The result is the Linn House Mysteries, featuring Rona Murray, owner of the Linn House Bakery and Events Center, in the town of Klim, MO. 

Jessie graduated from Webster University with a BA in English.  At various times, she considered opening a tearoom, baking and selling cheesecakes, baking and doing a mail order cookie business, and starting a cake bakery.  Now her cooking is confined to personal events and the pages of the Linn House novels.  She lives in the St Louis, MO area.